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Use our links page and your other resources to familiarise yourselves with the following:-

1)  Universal Credit is something that Landlords letting to those on benefits need to familiarise themselves with. This is very important. Keeping up to date on this subject is a must as things unfold.

2)  The tenancy deposit scheme is old news but it would seem that many landlords are still not aware of their obligations. Know your obligations - or get hammered with draconian fines. (See the Law Page.) Also check out the individual schemes themselves, where competition in the market place is driving prices lower in insurance backed schemes.

3)  Sunderland Council has replaced its origional Landlord accreditation scheme a newer one. Check it out.  

4)  The Green Deal - there is a great deal of enthusiasme for this in many quarters. The author is a little more cynical. Members are advised to ensure that they do their sums correctly when contemplating any Green Deal commitment and be aware of all the repercussions. ECO works both in tandem and alongside the green deal. and depending on the status of tenants, landlords could be entitled to significant energy saving improvements to their properties.

The above information is to draw your attention to things that may directly concern you. Use primary sources to familiarise yourself with the relevant facts.

At our monthly meetings we discuss all matters relevant to those letting residential property, with the aim of pointing members in the right direction, so that they can avail themselves of the necessary knowledge needed to carry out their property business in a correct and professional manner.


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