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The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA)

The National Residential Landlords Association provides help and information for Landlords.  It is now the main national body for landlords and was formed on January 1st 2020 by the merger of the Residential landlords association and the National landlords association.

The Guild of Residential Landlords

Another organisation (perhaps the best?) representing landlords and providing sound information.


Has excellent factsheets on many aspects of letting - a great resource

Landlord Zone

Rental property knowledge. This is a good resource for landlords.

The British Property Federation

An organisation involved in all things associated with property.

The University

Universities have thousands of 'student houses' on their books. The University of Sunderland has very few - but this link will take you to what there is.

 The Council

This is the section of Sunderland Council's website specifically aimed at landlords.

Local Housing Allowance

Current LHA rates. (Select Sunderland, or any other LHA area)

The Government

The government pass laws which effect agreements between landlords and those who live in their property. Many landlords don't realise this.This site gives access to the laws that effect your property.

The Court Service

This site is useful for downloading court leaflets and forms.

The Law Statutes

If you want to know about old chestnuts such as the 1988 Housing Act or the 2004 Housing Act, it's all here.

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